Tuesday, July 27, 2010

fruit cake

this week in home ec we made a fruit cake and I am going to give you the recipe.

2 cups of dried fruit.

2 cups of cold water.

2 tspn of bicarb soda.

2 tbspn of butter.

4 cups of SR flour.

2 cups of castor sugar.

2 eggs.

1. Put dried fruit and water into saucepan place on oven and bring to boil

2. Mix flour and sugar together

3. Take boiled fruit off heat and allow to cool a little

4. Put bicarb and butter in fruit mix

5. Add flour + sugar to fruit. Mix together and then mix in eggs.

6. Place in greased baking tins

7. Cook 40-50 minutes at 180c

Cut up and enjoy.


GrandmaK said...

It looks so very delicious!!! Well done! Did you take the picture too? Cathy

Owen said...

Yummy. Good work!

Kalona said...

Mmmm. That sounds so good, Tom! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Tom said...

hi Grandma K.

my mum toke that photo.